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JJ and George casually going on dates.
JJ and George casually tweeting each other all night even though they’re together.
JJ and George falling into bed together and cuddling *having sex*
JJ and George being so in love they just can’t hide it from the world anymore.
JJ and George slowly KILLING ME URGH

A Family Affair - Chapter 6

Summary - George Shelley and JJ Hamblett have a routine. When they’re sober they fight like cat and dog, always at each other’s throats but after dark and slightly intoxicated they can’t help but keep falling into bed together. And it’s all very well and good for them but for Josh, who is stuck in the middle, it’s a living hell. So he decides to break them up. 

Now it’s been years since George has even thought about JJ and he’s moved on. Until the very man that tore them apart brings them back together and George has to face the fact he wasn’t as over JJ as he thought. Not by a long shot. But there are things George doesn’t know, secrets that go back years and if George finds out about his brother’s deceit it could ruin everything all over again. And this time, it could really be beyond repair.

A/N - I’ve made this chapter a little longer than it was going to be so yay! Contains a teeny bit of smut but not really so yeah? Enjoy! Find the  master post here and yeah, I love you all! x

Chapter 6

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